Friday, April 15, 2011

What happened to Courtney Cox's face?

Courtney Cox was on Letterman this week to promote Cougar Town (which is going up against American Idol).  All  I could think was, "Who is that? What happened to her face?"

When applied this way, plastic surgery doesn't make them look like they did ten years ago, it makes them look like entirely different people.  Nobody looks at Pam Anderson and thinks, Wow, she looks great.  They think, Wow that must hurt.  I can't believe she did that to herself.

Am I being too harsh?  Feel free to add a comment.  Here's a look at Courtney through the years from Family Ties to Friends to Cougar Town:


Anonymous said...

I'd do her

Anonymous said...

Ya, she has had way to much work done. I think it should be in a contract not to make these type of changes with out approval from their fans. We the viewer are expecting to watch our favorite star in a new show. Not a bad remake of that star. The fans have paid for those surgeries we should have a say in when to say,"STOP!" Don't they have mirrors in Hollywood? Did she not see herself one day and cry? It's a sickness.

Anonymous said...

She looks older than her years with whatever she has done. It does not look natural. Her friend Jennifer Aniston looks great, if she has done anything, it is very subtle. Courtney looks horrible.

Anonymous said...

All I know is when I watch cougar town I ask myself why doesn't any of the ladies on this show have lips that that will touch each other... I mean what the hell they have so much crap in their lips that their lips don't even go together like a normal persons. And the lady that played on scrubs is way worse than Courtney's could ever be again " what the hell!!!"